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What is The Saturday Night School of Beauty?


The Saturday Night School of Beauty is a unique literary fiction that takes the reader beyond the familiar genres of the popular fiction.

When Marsha initiated her attempt to write this stand alone novel, she had set to write about a group of Iranian women living in Los Angeles.  However, the process of writing this novel gradually became a means through which she could embark upon searching into the past, reflecting upon her life experiences, and delving into her rich Iranian cultural background. In order to find answers to the profound questions that preoccupied her mind, she challenges religious beliefs, engages in mystic practices, and delves into Sufi’s illusive doctrines and rituals. Through this searching process, she explores Persian mystical poetry and encounters with mysteries and secrets of an amazing culture that has evolved in order to survive against historical and political upheavals, to embrace new opportunities,  and to thrive. Equipped with such a wealth of knowledge and precious life experiences, she succeeds in setting a foundation to create this unique contemporary literary artwork. The creation of such artwork demands an exploration and application of many layers and passages of poetic narrations and poetry recitations.

Due to its poetic, hybrid and multi-layered contents, this literary artwork demands its readers to immerse themselves in, pause and reflect in order to achieve total enjoyment.