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Tragic and Sad, I Cried


Hi, I am Thomas. I come from near Lecanvey in West Port. I’v lived in NW UK for 20 years. I didn’t know Marsha Mehran, writer, but I listened to Irish Radio – RTE 1 documentary – a few days ago, and it told the story of Marsha Mehran R I P. Tragic and very sad, I cried listening to her story and asked myself how can this happen at this day and age to anybody, in Mayo, the place I was born and  lived for years because Mayo people are very friendly, I feel I needed to write to someone about Marsha. She seems to be a wonderful person, I’m reading about her life. I got tears in my eyes now while writing this. I wish I had known Marsha, I wish I was in Lecanvey to help her. I love her even though I never met Marsha R I P. Gone but never forgotten. God bless her,  Thomas  xxxx