What is Threading or Band Andazi


The first chapter of The Saturday Night School of Beauty starts with: “The pulling of the thread was one of the first lessens Zadi Heirati learned in the  hammam, the bathhouse.”  Threading or band andazi, as it is called in Iran, is one of the ancient methods of removing unwanted facial hairs. It is not clear where threading was originated. Some believe it was first originated in India, where the women used mostly for beautification of their eyebrows and removal of their facial hairs. This method has been used from ancient time in Persia specially when girls are getting married. But why did Zadi want to learn threading besides all other methods and secrets of beautification?

It is interesting to know that when young Iranians started to go to Europe or America to extend their academic educations in the nineteenth century, they had to learn some working skills so that they could work part time and pay their university fees and living expenses. Threading, and hairdressing were the cheapest and most convenient skills learned by the female students.

After the revolution in Iran, many people who were not happy with the new regime or were uncertain about the direction the new government was going, left Iran and scattered all around the globe. This learned habit of anticipation and preparation for survival outside of their country became popular once again as each man and woman before leaving tried to think of something to learn to do if it became necessary.

As a matter of fact, Marsha’s mother learned threading and her father learned cooking before they left Iran. In Marsha’s book, Zadi, the main character, who was expecting to have a baby, and who speculated the need for her and her baby to go abroad, starts thinking ahead, preparing herself for tackling the future unknown circumstances. Please watch the video of threading if you are interested to know a bit more about this ancient method of hair plucking. Try it if you dare!