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Marsha’s latest book: the Saturday School of Beauty is published in Poland:

  The building bearing the name of the heroine of the novel by Leo Tolstoy discovers a group of residents of the importance and power of literature and decides to cultivate in exile culture and national tradition.   After arriving in Buenos Aires Zadi Heirati, along with a tiny daughter Maryam, lives in a building designed for Iranian immigrants, called Anna Karenina . Opens a small beauty salon. Heirati meets another neighbor Haji Khanoum, which is the heart of the community, and Capitan, gathering around him poetry lovers. Soon, a small group of devotees fiction begins to realize that it’s more than just words. To cultivate the Iranian tradition, uphold the ancient custom of storytelling.Residents of Anna Karenina beginning to open up to one another and talk importantly, touching memories of their lives, mainly on the different shades of love: an unhappy parent, homosexual, to their homeland, as well … love Zadi.  However, when Margaret Thatcher declares war on Argentina in the building there is a mysterious new tenant, which for some reason does not represent his real name & # 8230;   Who is this woman? Is Zadi find true love? How to cope with work, wieczorkami poetry and child rearing? Who is the father of a small Maryam? And if you can preserve the culture of a country thousands of miles away? Marsha Mehran (1977-2014) – writer, from the second year of life lived in Argentina, then in the United States, Australia and Ireland. Her first novel, “Pomegranate Soup” was an international bestseller. Marsha Mehran died in 2014 under mysterious circumstances. Title: The Margaret Thatcher School of Beauty Translation: Jolanta Kozak

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