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The terrible story of the author who did not survive the writing of his novel

Marsha Mehran, writer born in Iran in the late 1970s, never got the visa she needed to write in peace in the United States. His life turned into a nightmare when she eventually settled in Ireland.

April 12, 2014, the realtor Teresa Walsh receives an SMS Marsha Mehran : ” Teresa, I vomited blood for weeks. I come to you in a few days to see where I am. I’m pretty sick.“Marsha Mehran rents since January Lecanvey a small house in a village in County Mayo Ireland bordering the beaches of the west. She moved there, was she told Teresa Walsh, to write his new novel, The aesthetics School Saturday night .

When reading the SMS, Walsh immediately asks Marsha Mehran if she made contact with a doctor and if she can do anything for her. She will never receive a response. Fifteen days later, April 30, 2014, it will enter the small gray house with its double keys and Mehran found lying on the floor of her kitchen, a simple wool cardigan over her shoulders. She would have turned 39 this year.

Mahsa Mehran born in Iran on November 11 1977. His parents chose her name a few days after birth: round face and large black eyes of this little girl persuade them to call him “Mahsa ” which means, in old Persian ” like the moon . ” She is a beauty deflagration in a time when the country is beset by tensions, torn between several opposition movements and an increasingly tyrannical Shah. They decide to leave. Their first choice is on the United States. The American hostage crisis in Iran forces them to reconsider their plan.The Mehran family finally exile in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They open a grocery store and Mahsa enroll at St. Andrew’s Scots School, a Scottish school north of Buenos Aires. The house is filled with books. At 6 years old, the little girl speaks Farsi, English, and Spanish.Then the green light to the US is set: the Mehran then settled in Miami, Florida. It is there that it chooses a new name: Marsha.

Buenos Aires United States

Comes the day when his parents divorced. Marsha Mehran again takes her suitcase and spent his high school years in Adelaide, Australia. After her baccalaureate, she returns to the US with $ 200 in his pocket and the desire to do battle with the country that escapes him constantly. New York Branch.

Initially, Marsha becomes a waitress in a restaurant run by the Russian Mafia , ” There was never any client, which I thought was weird at first, until I realized that it was a front for laundering money . ” One night she enters a Manhattan bar to quench his thirst and have fun. The young woman falls in love with a bartender, an Irish Mayo who has not his tongue in his pocket, and two months later, asked her to marry him. His name is Christopher Collins.

The couple is sailing between Australia, where they marry, the United States and Ireland.One night, Marsha says she should be a writer or anything. She then devoted two years of his life to a long manuscript, but realizes that once finished the story does not. “Something was missing. A form of joy. Vitality, gaiety own to Iranians and Persian culture . ” She embarks on a new novel, she wrote this time in six weeks eating only ” ice cream and chocolate.” The book is accepted by Harper Collins. She jumps on the bed and screams at her husband: ” I’m going to buy some new underwear! “. Christopher Collins’like a little more each day , “but there is a problem. For a minor offense, Marsha lost his permanent visa to the United States. The couple ruin on lawyers in vain. The author can not settle in the country. Marsha dream to live in Brooklyn where the mixture of cultures comforts her. All his actions take water. His marriage survives are not: Collins and divorced in 2008. Her second novel, Rosewater and Soda Bread is published. She still has no home.

Back in Ireland

Was it because she was in love with the island or one of his children that Marsha returned to Ireland? The young woman asked the Irish and gets it, but his flight is too far advanced.On the door of her cottage, she hung a sign: ” Do not disturb. I work . “. Come rain or shine, corner pub owners see Marsha sitting on a bench in front of them. They invited several times to enter, she refuses. ” I guess she needed the Wi-Fi (…) Of course we offered him to enter. We told her she did not need to consume. But I had the feeling that she preferred to be alone . ”

At the edge of obsession, she writes and corrects the text of his latest book, The aesthetics School Saturday night . In a letter to her father she says:

“I spent the last five months on corrections. There is not a night I do not wake up in deep sleep, the body soaked in sweat and his heart beating to the rhythm of an old tarantella in my chest. I feel I have taken ten years, droopy eyes, waxy skin, with the vague memory that I washed the hair there is one week. “

When Teresa Walsh, the estate agent, enters the new home of Marsha Mehran April 30, 2014, she discovered an inner littered with greasy paper, empty plastic bottles and chocolate wrappers. Mold cover full of urine stored stoves in each room. Beside her, a one euro coin and a note of $ 5. No alcohol, medication or drugs. The autopsy report indicates that Marsha Mehran may have had an infection of the intestines that has dehydrated. Her body was in a too advanced state of decomposition to assert the cause of death with certainty, but at least the official version. Her father and her ex-husband, themselves, believe that the lack of roots Marsha played on his mental stability. She spent her life searching for a home ,” said Christopher Collins in The Independent . No country, no real home for years and years .” The tragic death of Marsha Mehran reminds us that the earth lacks the body, it will head to join her.