Amazing Intertwined Lives


Today I received the following email from a friend of Marsha Mehran, and with her permission, I decided to post it in her website. Life if full of strange and amazing coincidences. Lives become separated and then somehow unexpectedly join or in someway intertwined together.  

Hi Abbas. I was a childhood friend of Marsha’s , and our lives intertwined in amazing ways.. I recall sleepovers as a teenager in the unit you shared with her and your son, Sam, and I remember your paintings on the walls, as well as a mint plant she would make us tea with. Several years later, when Marsha had already made New York her home, I found myself living in the very same unit in Brighton. Marsha’s room was my bedroom! Years later I also moved to the USA, and reconnected with Marsha several times.. She visited me in my home in Chicago, I met up with her in Pittsburgh for one of her many book readings, and when she moved to Ireland, I visited her in Skibbereen and spent ten days with her… I lost contact with her in her last 2 years, although I tried repeatedly.. Her ex husband Chris notified me of her tragic death, and I was absolutely devastated. I was affected deeply and profoundly by her loss, and it took a lot of time to accept what happened to her. I am so very sorry for your loss Mr Mehran.. I remember you being very close to her when we were young….

Myself, Kirsty, and Marsha were ‘thick as thieves ‘ back in the day. I’ll love her forever.