Marsha’s Birthday and a sincere expression of sorrow by a visitor to her website.

Dear Mr. Mehran,

I was shocked to learn today, on her birthday no less, of your daughter’s death. Sharing the same birth year it came as an even greater surprise. I read Pomegranate Soup five years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Having grown up Armenian in America, I appreciated the meeting of cultures and what that is like. Your daughter shared her gift of writing with the world, and for that it is a better place.

I cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. No end is easy and no parent should bury his daughter. It sounds like Marsha’s last days may have been particularly hard and I imagine that must be hard to bear as her father. My hope is that the light she brought to this world and to those who knew her, whether personally or through her beautiful writing, will be what forms her lasting legacy.

On this anniversary of her birth may there be comfort for you and all her loved ones knowing the beautiful ways your daughter touched our world. And may Marsha be experiencing eternal peace in the love and light of the One who loved us into being.

With deep sympathy and heartfelt condolences, I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Yervant Kutchukian


Dear Yervant!

Thank you so much