A Sense of Connection


Today, I noticed a comment, written on the post “Thoughtful Observations,” by Gil Kim, a lovely visitor with a sense of connection. His writing is not a regular comment; rather it is a poetic expression of his feeling and his understanding.

Thank you Gil!

And here is what she wrote:

“Marsha Mehran pictured at the top of this article is so beautiful that pitying her end I must say something.

This is what I hatched. My compassion goes out to you too sir, dear Marsha’s father.

If it were possible ever to fall in love With someone who is ferried above, For me it would surely be you Marsha Mehran Endowing with romance your Iran and Tehran, A country and a city much strange and foreign to me Beyond faiths and sands and mountains and the sea. Peace and healing and rebirth to thee my love, Though it was my fate never to know thy love.

And yes, truly rootlessness can make you or break you; You may win them all or lose them all through and through. It’s a pitiless game of all or nothing played for high stakes; Out of its winners will come the healers of world’s aches. And I will conquer it for you too Marsha For the old and eastern glory of Persia.”